Today all of my acronym is going to be discussed.

Well, today is Election Day and it’s not looking good for the Democrats. I’ll save my ideology for today, but let’s just say it is a very sad day for me.

I’m a pre-law student and politics are HIGHLY important to me and today is much like a murdering of a nation. And it’s not that Republicans are going to be taking office, but that our nation is so divided that nothing is going to be accomplished for the next two years. There is going to be endless gridlock until the nation is more important to those in office than what party they belong to. The tension is rising across the nation and it will until the economy for the “main street” (I hate that word, but it works) starts to look up.

I also started on my Nano. I’m working on something I needed to have been working on all year, but between being a newlywed and college I’ve been neglecting writing. I hope that won’t be the case this month, but it is finals week. Two of my classes are ending, two more classes are beginning. I have to write 3,600 words in papers. So I’m going to be writing a lot this next week.

I’m going to keep my Nano project under wraps until I hit my half-way point. I don’t care so much about winning Nano as to begin writing again something I haven’t really done since I got married, but as married life has set into an easier routine I find that I have more time to devote to the things I care about.

I’ve been reading 3 series that I’m very invested in but can’t seem to get through Paperbookswap in a timely manner. I’ll eventually do reviews on each book, but for today a quick opinion on each series.

Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series. Cassie is amazingly kick-ass, but it hasn’t taken the turns I expected or wanted. I started reading this series because of the name of the Club, but have since found that is very entertaining. I just have the 4th book to go.

Alyson Noel’s The Immortals. I have mixed feelings about these books. It revolves around a sixteen year old, but it seems like the MMC is pushing for sex and it annoys me. But the FMC is courageous but makes bad decisions. I have book 3 and 4 to read.

The last and my favorite of the three series is Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress Series. Cat is so awesome. She has really began to be brave and have an inner strength the other 2 FMC’s lack. The MMC is understanding, loving, and unafraid of her feelings. Plus he doesn’t have any problem taking the backseat.


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