Marie Claire and Bullying

"I'm beautiful not disgusting"

A little bit about my life story. I was overweight in high school and was bullied EVERY single day. I wasn't 300 lbs or even 200 lbs. I was 180 when I graduated and people treated me horribly. I was spit on by a guy in front of a teacher and she just said I shouldn't be near him when I was simply walking in the hallway to get a drink of water. I became anorexic at 11. I lost nearly 60 lbs in 4 months and at 140 and 5' 4" I was sick. I started eating again.

I've since learned to love my body, but when someone says it disgusts them when I walk across the room leave alone kissing my husband I feel outraged and bullied. And maybe just a little bit like it's true. That I shouldn't leave the house because I'm a disgusting thing that others shouldn't have to look upon.

Bullying has taken many lives in the last year. Adults have to stop bullying one another before our teens can. And doesn't every kid deserve to feel safe in school?


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